The legendary Moti Mahal restaurant now in Colombo

The legendary Moti Mahal restaurant now in Colombo, Sri Lanka πŸ‡±πŸ‡°, therefore we decided to visit there and enjoy some authentic Indian cuisine. With more than 200 restaurants worldwide Moti Mahal, to be seen as a global chain of the restaurant for Indian fine dining to have its presence in the entire world 🌎 . […]

Devon falls

Charming scenery 🌳with stunning falls πŸ’§gives joy to your eyesπŸ‘€ . For us, it was a quick stopover βœ‹ on the side of the road just to see Devon falls and take a sudden picture. It can be viewed from two locations. One ☝️ near the Mlesna tea β˜•οΈ centre and the other opposite of […]

Sora bora wewa at Mahiyangana

My sincere thanks to @kevans_casa hotel for organizing wonderful two nights with excursions for travel agents in Sri Lanka🌹 Although this was my second visit to sora bora wewa,we could witness sunrise and seeing fisherman who do their daily workπŸ”. We left from the hotel around 5 am and had a lovely boat ride along […]

Lunching at cafe 98 restaurant

On our way to day trip to Ella, we dined at 98 acres restaurant. 🍽 . Fantastic location,Astonishing view of little Adams peak breathtaking ambiance, professionalism took our hearts βœ”οΈ We ordered Nasi Goreng, lamprais,Easter white rice 🍚 with oriental curries. An ice cream , fruit salad, curd with treacle will accompany along with rice& […]

Pedro Tea Factory

Tea factory visit is part of the hill country experience. We actually went there for a tea β˜•οΈ They have told us they have stopped production for a moment so we couldn’t enter inside the processing unit. We ordered a cuppa of tea which costs 25 LKR per personπŸ’―βœ… If you are coming as a […]

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