“Masma” BBQ Kottawa

This Sunday, we wanted to try the BBQ with our family. So we arrived at the “Masma” BBQ joint in Kottawa in the evening. While listening to music 🎶 you can enjoy your meal in the outdoor ambiance, which means perfect for Gatherings.

We ordered “mas platter, “ which is included ( 2 pieces of grilled pork chops, three pieces of grilled chicken, three pieces of sausages, and five slices of garlic pieces of bread).

When we try their garlic bread, 🍞 it was so yummy 🤤 , so we ordered another garlic bread platter.

For drink, we ordered a ginger beer, which was the right combination.

We tried the “Daiya wings portion” (6 spicy grilled chicken wings).

The main highlight is service and food. These guys do the best. They are active and friendly.

I’m not a fan of kind of sauces, but I love their different homemade sauces. It gives so natural and fresh Taste to these platters.

No need to explain the Taste of chicken and pork BBQ. We can give 10/10 for it. We’ll be back soon. No doubt that the”Masma” BBQ in Kottawa is the best place to get a good quality BBQ.

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