Lunching at cafe 98 restaurant

On our way to day trip to Ella, we dined at 98 acres restaurant. 🍽 .

Fantastic location,Astonishing view of little Adams peak breathtaking ambiance, professionalism took our hearts βœ”οΈ

We ordered Nasi Goreng, lamprais,Easter white rice 🍚 with oriental curries. An ice cream , fruit salad, curd with treacle will accompany along with rice& curry.

Must say try their pepper fried pork, mojito, French fries 🍟 as appetizers.

It was nice to sit comfortably and relax to look πŸ‘€ at the views to die for.

If you want to stay here book well in advance as it’s popular. Although costly well worth it πŸ”β˜‘οΈ.

Visit the cafe and have a drink πŸ₯ƒ or meal πŸ₯˜ anyway if you aren’t staying there.

Don’t miss going to 98 Acresβ›° for stunning views and excellent service πŸ”₯

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